The life I lived, a boring shit
Now I regret the time I missed
A beast I am, repulsive and mad
I’ll tell you a tale of dark desire

I see through the walls of madness, another world I see
Death is just the beginning, af what you call eternity
Wonderfull life you promised me, pain was all you gave to me

Now dead I awake from the darkest sleep, hunger for life in my mind it creeps
To my death I welcome thee, for I will make you blind fools see
Recognise the dreadfull creeping creatures from beyond your sanity

INSANITY – All night long I see your face, tast your lips
REALITY – The moon shines bright, bloodlust’n greatures on my way
INSANITY – You will kill, bring death, so will it be
REALITY – In your eyes the darkest nicht, time to die

She kissed my neck so tender, our bodies twisting playfully
My blood was dripping down her lips, passing her white neck
I felt lust and anger, pleasure, fear a little despair
The dark desire followed me, day and night, when will we meet
Never wanted to miss this feeling, dark obsession
My feeling she stole like a part, ripped out the heart

All whats left is a dark, dark desire
All whats left is a dark desire

I told you a tale of dark desire